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Has your chain broken? Do you need to release cash quickly? Got an unwanted property? We have a team of cash buyers who'll make you an offer today.

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About our SpeedySale service

Life rarely goes according to plan...

We've all seen these daytime TV shows where selling a property is made to look easy, but in reality, lots of things can go wrong.

  • The​ seller can pull out, or reduce their offer at the last minute
  • Your chain could collapse, meaning you lose out on your dream house
  • Your property might not be 'showroom condition' meaning you're not getting offers

Our Cash Buyer team have a Private Investment Cash Fund, meaning they can complete on properties in an average of just 11 days.

So, in less than 2 weeks, you could have the money in your bank account. No quibbles, no last-minute negotiations, and no nasty tricks.

What's the catch?

Great question! Your SpeedySale offer will be lower than the market value of your house.

If you have the time to wait for a private buyer, then you absolutely should.

Private sales take, on average, 5 months, however you'll probably end up with more money in the end. (Don't forget about estate agent's fees though - we never charge a fee!

We've advised thousands of property owners on SpeedySales, and we:

  • ALWAYS give an honest, straight-forward 'Final Price Offer'
  • NEVER try to force you into a decision
  • ALWAYS give you all the time you need to consider our offer

IMPORTANT: Some companies who buy property quickly insist that you sign paperwork the same day, or threaten that, "...the offer will be withdrawn at midnight". That's a pushy, nasty sales tactic, and we suggest you run a mile! 

Read on to discover if a SpeedySale is the right ​solution for you...

How it Works

It's a simple process.

1. We send a professional advisor out​ to meet you at your property.

2. We give you a 'Final Price Offer' the same day and a completion date.

3. If you want to go ahead, we can usually start the process immediately.​

WHAT IS A 'FINAL PRICE OFFER'? We've found that most property owners like honesty & clarity, so when we make an offer, it's our best & final price.

No need for awkward negotiations, or complicated mind-games - you either say 'Yes', or you say 'No'. Simple.


Here's what others say about using our SpeedySale service.

G. Hill Manchester

You were straight-forward, sympathetic, and above totally honest about my options. You gave me time to make my decision, but when I decided to sell, you made it all happen in less than 3 weeks.

I truly would have been lost without you & your team. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.​

T. Jefferies East Lancs

Our chain fell through, which left us in an awkward position, but after one phone call to the Property Advice Centre, [I was] put in touch with a buyer who helped us to get the house we wanted and made it a quick and smooth move.

P. Royal Oldham

10 out of 10 – You were fast, friendly and most of all, did what you said you would do. Well done!

"Is this right for me...?"

Our SpeedySale Service is not right for everyone. Read on and find if it's a good fit for you.

YES, it's suitable for:

  • Homeowners with a broken chain
  • Owners of empty properties
  • Owners of properties that are inherited or in probate
  • Buy to Lets, Commercial or retail properties
  • Fast equity release
  • Property Owners overseas

NO, it's NOT suitable for:

  • Owners with mortgages that exceed 85% of the property value
  • Property owners who want to get the maximum selling price

What do I do next?

Do you want to talk to someone about this?

Fill in your details on the form below ​and one of our team will be in touch to discuss this in more depth with you.

  • YES, please contact me ASAP about selling my house in the next 7 days.

Frequently Asked Questions...

How much will I get for my property?

This depends on factors such as state of repair, structural issues and type of property, however, we always give you a 'Final price Offer', which is the fairest, and maximum price we can offer. (We want to be completely honest & upfront here: we're rarely able to offer the full market value).

Are there any fees?

Nope. You'll get a 'Final Price Offer', meaning we pay all fees, legal expenses, valuation costs and anything else associated with the sale. We guarantee you'll get the cash figure on the offer.

Will I get a high pressure sales pitch?

No. We'll never pressure you into signing anything you aren't ready to (watch out for companies who do!). In fact, we're so laid back, one of our clients took 9 months to make her mind up!

Will it really take 7 days?

It can, however the average is 11 days. This is dependant on factors outside our control though, like your mortgage company responding quickly, and local authority searches. Generally we do everything we can to make it happen within 7 days

What happens if I say no?

Absolutely nothing. There's no pushy sales tactics or nasty tricks like price reductions. We just give you a no-obligation 'Final Price Offer' and you either say 'Yes', or you say 'No'.

Do I have to negotiate the price?

Our offer is a 'Final Price Offer', meaning you don't have to go into awkward negotiations with us. You either say 'Yes' or you say 'No'. Simple.