Access Private Investment for your property project!

Does your property need some TLC to help it sell? Have you spotted a potential development plot? Our highly-experienced Property Investment Team have cash waiting for the right opportunity.

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About our Private Investment Fund

Sometimes it takes money to make money.

  • Maybe you have a property that you know would sell if someone spent some cash on it.
  • Perhaps you're the only person who can see that Grandad's old bungalow is prime development land.
  • It could be you pass the same abandoned ​building project every day and just know it would make money if it was finished.

Whatever your idea, if it's property related and commercially viable, you could be eligible to access our Private Investment Fund.

What's the Private Investment Fund?

Our Private Investment Fund is a pot of cash from our Private Investor Network, that we use to invest in property projects across the UK.

Whether it's a light refurbishment on a property that's for sale, buying out the freehold of an apartment block or building houses on vacant land, our Private Investment Team have the knowledge, experience and capital to bring the project to life.​

Our experienced team of investors, project managers, builders and architects have years of experience in:

  • Converting commercial buildings into residential
  • Splitting large buildings into multiple properties
  • Building houses & blocks of apartments
  • Repairing & preparing tired properties for sale

Read on to find out if our Private Investment Fund is the right solution for you...

How it Works

The process is pretty simple:

1. You outline the property project you're trying to complete​.

2. Our team assess the commercial viability & make you an offer of help.

3. If you decide to take it, we complete the project & split the profits.​


Here's what others say about using our Private Investment Fund service.

E. Owens Didsbury

My mother's property was on the market, but it was in serious need of modernisation, and I only got 2 viewings in 4 months.

Your team funded, managed and completed the renovations, and within 3 weeks it had been sold for almost twice the original price!

A. Patel Ashton

My father had run out of money whilst building a house. Not only did your advisor give great advice about the project, you helped me get my father's money back out.

Thank you so much for all your help!

G. FosterMacclesfield

I've always wanted to invest in property, so when my friend was selling his first house, I asked your experts to help me buy & flip it. I now have the confidence (and capital!) to do the next deal myself. 

"Is this right for me...?"

Our Private Investment Fund is not right for everyone. Read on and find if it's a good fit for you.

YES, it's Suitable for:

  • Property owners who need to renovate to sell
  • Owners of empty or inherited properties with development potential
  • Property sourcers
  • Budding property investors who want property investment experience
  • Developers who've run out of cash
  • Observant entrepreneurs who like referral fees!

NO, it's not suitable for:

  • Experienced investors who don't need cash
  • Property owners looking to sell their property quickly (see our SpeedySale service for 18 day completions)

What do I do next?

Do you want to talk to someone about this?

Fill in your details on the form below ​and one of our team will be in touch to discuss this in more depth with you.

  • YES, please contact me ASAP about the Private Investment Fund.

Frequently Asked Questions...

Is this like a mortgage or loan?

No. We don't actually lend you the money. We put the money into the property deal, and we get our share back out when it's sold or completed.

Ah... so I have to sell at the end?

Not necessarily. Often it's possible to refinance the property which allows us to get our initial investment out.

Is this a long term investment?

Most deals we do are based around short-term funding. However, sometimes we do invest for the long term - just explain what your goals are and we'll try to align ours with yours.

Won't you just steal the deal from me?

No. Our entire funding model is based on clients bringing us investment opportunities, so we'd never cut anyone out!

Do you always say yes?

Not always. Perhaps the deal doesn't work with our investment strategy for that year. Or it might be too risky for us at that point. Whatever our answer is, we'll be straight and honest with you (and you're welcome to take it elsewhere afterwards).

I have found an opportunity, but I don't own it.

That's OK. We can either pay you a referral fee and talk to the owner, or discuss a joint investment with you.