Want guaranteed rent, every month?

Fed up of bad tenants and late rents? With our Guaranteed Rental Programme, we take over the tenant hassle leaving you get on with your life.

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About our Guaranteed Rental Programme

Tenants are a pain.

Whether they're nagging you for repairs to get done, or feeding you excuses about late rent payments, there always seem to be something that's going to cost you time or money.

Our Tenant Team have been managing hundreds of tenants since 2006, so we fully understand your problem.

That's why we've created our Guaranteed Rental Programme - we take on all the tenant issues, like collecting rents and finding new tenants, and you just get a guaranteed payment, every single month.

No excuses, no hassle, no late payments. Simple as that!

Read on to discover if the programme is right for you...

(We can even take on maintenance issues too! Ask us for more details...

How it Works

It's simple, really.

1. We agree a single monthly payment, and duration of the agreement.

2. We take over the tenant management, and deal with rent collection, evictions, tenant changeovers and finding new tenants.

3. It doesn't matter if ​the rent is late or the tenant leaves - we still pay you your money, every single month.


Here's what others say about using our Guaranteed Rent Programme.

J. Howarth Bolton

I have a full time job, so the last thing I wanted after a day at work was to come home to tenant problems.

Your programme was perfect for me. I couldn't be happier!

J. Dean Leigh

We were offered a variety of solutions and [were] advised which one would suit us best. The advisor was professional, sincere and understanding. Thank you so much for your help and ongoing advice.

P. Royal Oldham

10 out of 10 – You were fast, friendly and most of all, did what you said you would do. Well done!

"Is this right for me...?"

Our Guaranteed Rental Programme is not right for everyone. Read on and find if it's a good fit for you.

YES, it's suitable for:

  • Property owners overseas
  • Busy people who value their time
  • Armchair investors or 'accidental Landlords'
  • Owners of empty properties
  • Owners of new-builds or who have bought off-plan
  • Landlords who no longer want the hassle of tenant management

NO, it's NOT suitable for:

  • Landlords who enjoy managing tenants
  • Property owners looking to maximise their rental yield
  • Professional Property managers
  • Landlords who like to micro-manage!

"I'm Interested! What do I do next?"

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  • YES, please contact me ASAP about the Guaranteed Rental Programme.

Frequently Asked Questions...

What if the tenant stops paying?

That's our problem to deal with! You'll still get your guaranteed rental payment each month.

Am I tied into a contract? 

Yes. We agree the monthly payment amount & the length of the agreement at the beginning and we all have to stick to those terms. 

In certain situations, you can pay a penalty and break the contract.

What happens if there is maintenance issue? Who deals with it?

We can manage and pay for the maintenance if you like. (Just bear in mind that the monthly rental payment we'll make to you may be reduced.)

What if I have existing tenants? What if I have no tenants?

It doesn't matter. We take over all aspects of tenant management including finding new ones.